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Warts, SkinTags, Lumps and Bumps

Warts, skin tags, lumps and bumps can be a source of irritation or embarrassment and can be easily treated.


Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus. With time the body’s immune system stimulates a response to remove the wart but this can take many years. In the meantime methods to try to remove warts include cream treatments such as salicylic acid or imiquimod, freezing with liquid nitrogen, sensitisation with products which stimulate the immune system (e.g. diphencyprone), surgery or lasers. Many of these treatments need to be repeated as warts can be difficult to remove until the body becomes immune to them. However at Dermatology Consulting we can chose the best treatment for the individual patient and their type of wart.

Skin Tags

Skin tags can be easily removed with local anaesthesia or freezing. When removed by local anesthesia the skin tag is shaved down and then gentle cautery applied to the surface. A small dressing is applied for a couple of days. Freezing does not require any dressings and is a quicker procedure to do. There may be a small blister which takes a few days to heal but sometimes more than one session is needed.

Lumps and Bumps?

The skin is composed of many different skin structures and any of these can overgrow and form benign lumps. They can be a cosmetic concern or catch on clothing and can be removed using local anaesthetic. If they are raised they can be flattened by a method called shave biopsy. If they have roots these can be removed by cutting out and stitching. Any remaining mark can be faded with laser afterwards.

There are many different structures of the skin which can form lumps and bumps and, as a consultant dermatologist, Dr Farrell is best qualified to diagnose their precise nature and chose the best method of removing them. It is usually best practice to send the specimen that is removed for analysis to confirm the diagnosis and make sure there are no abnormal changes in it.

What will be the Cosmetic Result?

Dr. Farrell also has several anti-ageing and cosmetic laser treatments which can be used to fade any scars so that the very best cosmetic result can be obtained.

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