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Laser Skin Tightening

As we age, the rate of new collagen and elastin production reduces. Furthermore, if there is excessive sun exposure this breaks down the existing collagen and elastin. In certain areas, particularly the face, there is loss of volume of the underlying fat compartments and bone. All of these factors contribute to the development of looser skin and the appearance of “sagging”.

Although excessively loose skin can be removed by plastic surgery, for many people this is too extreme and results in surgical scars which can be worse than the original problem.

Fortunately, new technology is now available which tightens the skin without any recovery time. These devices deliver heat under the skin to tighten the existing collagen bundles and to stimulate production of new collagen. The devices are designed to deliver the heat under the skin but do not affect the surface of the skin, which means that they have no recovery time and can be done as a ”lunch-time” procedure. Done repeatedly they usually result in gradual tightening of the skin.

At Dermatology Consulting we have two technologies available for skin tightening:

Forma and Forma Plus

Fotona SP Dynamis

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