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Aesthetic Dermatology

As a consultant dermatologist, Dr Farrell is fully trained to deal with the whole range of skin problems, including skin cancer and rashes. However, she also has a great interest in helping the cosmetic aspect of skin. Dr Farrell did a postgraduate fellowship in cosmetic dermatology in Miami and has observed in many of the best cosmetic dermatology clinics in the US, including Washington DC, Salt Lake City, New York City, San Antonio, Atlanta, San Diego, Sacramento, and Philadelphia. She also regularly participates in the best international conferences to learn the latest technology and methods.

Dr Farrell’s approach to cosmetic dermatology and skin rejuvenation is to combine treatments which complement each other to achieve the optimal result.

Good skin care is essential, and Dr Farrell is continually exploring different skin care products on the market to find those which offer the greatest benefit.

Skin blemishes and pigmentation can be addressed with skin care and lasers. Thread veins and redness can be addressed with lasers, and Dr Farrell has four of the most powerful lasers/energy-based devices in the world for dealing with thread veins and redness. Fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, and large pores can be dealt with by lasers. Loss of volume can be addressed by volumising fillers. Overactive facial muscles can cause wrinkles to develop, which can be addressed with wrinkle reducing/neuromodulator injections. Sagging can be addressed by skin tightening lasers and fillers.

Dr Farrell believes that the best and most natural-looking results come from combination treatments. Neuromodulators, such as Botulinum toxin therapy, are best used to reduce and soften overactive muscle activity instead of giving a completely “frozen effect”. She believes that fillers are best used to restore the loss of contours that occur due to soft tissue, fat, and bone loss with age. She aims to restore the natural contours of the face rather than overfilling or giving the dreaded “pillow face”.

Modern laser treatments are also highly effective in treating specific skin problems (e.g. thread veins and pigment) as well as improving fine lines and texture. We have at least 15 different lasers which deal with a whole range of skin issues. They can be used to achieve dramatic improvement in the skin when used at strong settings or they can be used at gentle settings to provide a steady, gradual improvement in skin tone and texture with little to no recovery time.

Dr Farrell can choose the best combination for you to improve the appearance of your skin and can recommend a treatment plan that addresses your main skin concerns adapted to your lifestyle.

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