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Excel V+ laser and Laser Genesis

The excel V™+ laser made by Cutera® is one of the most powerful and sophisticated lasers on the market to deal with thread veins, redness, rosacea, and brown spots.

It is a favourite with some of the best laser clinics in the world which is why our dermatologist, Dr Anne Farrell, recently purchased the excel V™+ to add to her already wide range of powerful lasers to treat blood vessels. The excel V™+ laser has two wavelengths within it, both the KTP laser (which has a wavelength of 532nm, and which is well absorbed by blood and pigment), and the long pulse 1064nm Nd:YAG laser (which is well absorbed by water, and which is particularly good at targeting larger blue veins and blood vessels).

The excel® V+ laser has a variable spot size, which can be adjusted by 0.5 mm or 1 mm increments down to 2 mm so that tiny vessels can be traced and up to 16 mm (the largest spot size in its class) for quicker, more efficient treatment of larger areas. It also features sapphire contact cooling for enhanced patient comfort, micro-pulsed delivery of the 532 nm wavelength for more powerful and effective treatment of particular concerns, and a special pen-like handpiece that allows for precision tracing of small vascular and pigmented lesions in difficult-to-treat areas of the face and body.

What does the treatment involve?

A soothing ultrasound jelly is applied to the skin which provides a cooling contact for a special sapphire tip. This helps to ensure that the skin is kept cool and protected during the treatment. It also enables a soothing treatment with minimal discomfort. The laser feels like a warm flicking sensation with soothing cooling before and after the laser. Typically no anaesthetic cream is required.

Both the KTP and long pulse Nd:YAG lasers can be used to trace the thread veins, which can be seen to immediately diminish after each laser shot. The laser light heats up the blood vessels, which then collapse, and then seal shut. They are then broken down by the body’s own natural healing mechanism.

Larger spot sizes can be used to treat diffuse redness. This can be done in the same session so that all sizes of blood vessels can be successfully treated.

What does the skin look like afterwards?

Often small thread veins reduce immediately. There may be some slight redness and swelling, which may last a couple of days but can be covered by makeup. Larger blue veins may look slightly bruised. The bruise fades over the following weeks as the vein is broken down by the body’s natural healing process.

When will I see results?

Smaller thread veins, particularly on the face, may fade immediately. Larger veins, such as those found on the legs, may take several weeks to fade completely and may need more than one session to successfully remove. Both facial and leg veins can be removed by the excel V™+ laser, but new ones may develop in the future, particularly if there is an underlying cause for the leg veins. Dr Farrell will assess this during your initial consultation, and, in the case of leg veins, she may recommend referral to a vascular surgeon to deal with any underlying causes, alongside the excel V™+ laser treatment.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a very gentle setting of the long pulse Nd:YAG laser made by one of the most well established US laser companies called Cutera. It uses gentle, low energy and a very short pulse duration. This mild setting provides controlled gentle heat to the dermis, which can fade the appearance of blood vessels, stimulate new collagen, improve acne, and fade scars. It has the added safety measure of a sensitive temperature feedback, to control the heating of the skin. The treatment typically does not require anaesthetic cream and can be done as a “no recovery time, lunchtime” procedure on all skin colours.

After Laser Genesis treatment, the skin may look slightly flushed for a few minutes, similar to after a brisk walk, but this settles quickly. Normal activity and make-up can be resumed straight away.

The improvement in the skin after one treatment is subtle, but many clients feel that their skin has a “glow” afterwards, and in the US it is a popular treatment with celebrities just before a “red carpet” event. It also produces signals which stimulate collagen production over the following weeks. When done repeatedly there can be noticeable improvement in skin texture, fine lines, scars, pores, laxity, unwanted diffuse pigmentation (e.g. melasma), redness. Its gentle heat also reduces bacteria growth in acne, making it a gentle acne-reducing treatment.

An additional advantage is that it can be done on all skin colours and when there is a tan, which means it can be done all year round.

The price of a Laser Genesis treatment is £250 (every 6th session is free)

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