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What can a patient expect during their first visit?

During the first visit the patient will have a full consultation with our dermatologist, Dr Farrell, to cover their skin concern. If appropriate, Dr Farrell may also examine other sites of the skin, as sometimes other sites of the body can be similarly affected. (e.g. in the case of sun damage).

Dr Farrell will discuss with you the diagnoses, relevant investigations and treatment plan. Some investigations can be done on the day but others may need approval from your insurance company. Dr Farrell will also suggest a treatment plan and provide relevant information leaflets. The clinic also has available on site many of the skin care products that may be required as part of the treatment plan and we can dispense these on the day. We also provide a postal service so that repeat requests for product can be supplied.

Dr Farrell will usually also follow up the consultation with a typed report which will be posted to you within a few days summarising the discussion. Dr Farrell usually writes to your General Practitioner with her recommendations and a copy is sent to you. If you are attending for purely a cosmetic reason and do not wish Dr Farrell to write to your GP then she will respect your wishes, but if you wish she will send a recommendation of treatments to you.

If you are funding the consultation and treatment through insurance it is important that you obtain an authorisation number for the consultation before the visit. Dr Farrell works with most of the major insurance companies. If you need to have a procedure done Dr Farrell will provide you with a procedure code and you will usually need to inform your insurance company of this procedure code to obtain an authorisation code for the investigations and treatment. If required, Dr Farrell will write to your insurance company with a medical report. If you are using insurance it is important to understand the terms and conditions of your insurance and whether there is an excess or limit.

Dr Farrell’s fees are agreed with the insurance companies in advance, and she always charges within the insurance company recommended fees so you should not have an unexpected shortfall. For patients who are funding the visit and treatment themselves the fees are displayed in the waiting room and can be posted to you if required.

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly dermatology team if you have any questions about the visit or fees.

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