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Men’s Treatments

As well as the importance of preventive medicine, such as checking abnormal moles or skin blemishes to exclude early skin cancer, we are seeing an increasing number of men who appreciate that dermatologists can help to reverse the signs of sun damage and make the skin look more rested.

More men are starting to realise that reversing the signs of sun damage and age is not just the prerogative of their wives and girlfriends. In an increasingly competitive and image-driven jobs market, many men are also becoming interested in keeping their skin looking less damaged or tired.

What are the most popular treatments for men?

The first priority is always to deal with any skin abnormalities such as pre-cancerous skin conditions (for example, with prescription creams or photodynamic therapy) or active acne. Other skin issues which are very easily dealt with include thread veins (particularly round the nose), redness, scars, and brown spots. These typically all respond easily to appropriate laser treatment. Treatment of thread veins, redness and rosacea is particularly popular in men as they worry excessive redness or flushing could be mistaken for the results of excessive alcohol, whereas in fact it is usually due to rosacea and sun damage. Excessive frown lines can be softened with muscle relaxing treatments and excessive folds and wrinkles can be faded with discreet use of dermal fillers and lasers.

Good skin care is also important to protect the skin, particularly regular use of sun protection. We stock a number of very effective sun blocks which are not greasy or visible and which can provide year round protection.

What is the most appropriate technique for me?

We have a variety of different treatments, including at least 13 different lasers, so we can tailor-make a treatment plan according to your specific skin concerns and lifestyle. For dramatic results with one treatment, we can use high settings of powerful lasers such as pulse dye, long pulse Nd:YAG or Fraxel® Repair. For subtle, more gradual improvements using repeat treatments which build up with time, we can administer gentle treatments such as intense pulsed light (IPL) or Fraxel® Restore, which have little or no recovery time. Dr Anne Farrell is an extensively trained dermatologist who has over 15 years’ experience using lasers and has trained regularly in the US, where there is an increasing culture among men to look their best in a competitive economy.

Dr Anne Farrell can discuss your specific skin issues and formulate a plan to deal with them in a way that fits in with your lifestyle and job demands.

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